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getExpressMiddleware Function Documentation

The getExpressMiddleware function is a utility function that returns an Express middleware with customizable options. This middleware is particularly useful for integrating Prici SDK functionality into Express applications.

Middleware Options


const middlewareOptions = {
  sdk: // Your Prici SDK instance,
  fieldId: // Optional: The id of the field to be checked and potentially incremented,
  errorMessage: // Optional: Custom error message, defaults to 'payment required',
  incrementAmount: // Optional: The amount by which the field should be incremented if the state check passes,
  getAccountId?: // Optional: Returns account id associated with the current request
  getFieldId?: // Optional: Returns field id associated with the current request
  getError?: // Optional: Returns the error message should be sent in response, if not provided default message will be used
  getIncrementAmount?: // Optional: Returns the amount by which the field should be incremented.

Example Usage

import PriciSdk from '@prici/sdk';
import { FieldStateResult } from '@prici/shared-remult';
import { getExpressMiddleware, MiddlewareOptions } from '@prici/sdk/express';

// Create an instance of PriciSdk
const priciSdk = new PriciSdk();

// Define middleware options
const middlewareOptions: MiddlewareOptions = {
  sdk: priciSdk,
  fieldId: 'exampleFieldId',
  errorMessage: 'Example error message',
  incrementAmount: 5,
  getAccountId: async (req: any) => req.account?.id || req.user?.account || req.user?.tenant,
  getFieldId: async (req: any) => req.fieldId,
  getError: async (req?: any) => 'Example custom error message',
  getIncrementAmount: () => 10,

// Create the middleware function
const middleware = getExpressMiddleware(middlewareOptions);

// Use the middleware in your Express app

Default Error Message

When you want to use the middleware in multiple routes, instead of passing a custom error message every time through the middleware options, you can set a default message in the PriciSdk constructor:

const priciSdk = new PriciSdk({
  defaultErrorMessage: 'Example error message'